walking talking

As Autumn is unfolding I’ve been out and about walking and talking with folk all over the UK. Meeting young couples, grown families, early morning swimming pals, to share a journey and the particularities of the places they call home, as part of a new participatory project I’m leading for Fevered Sleep, which follows on from their work Above Me the Wide Blue Sky.

From the lakes and lidos of London, through fields and cemeteries, to the Highlands of Scotland, gathering what’s described, what’s noticed, what’s remembered and not quite forgotten – moorhen red, a child turning with the March yellow flower, lush green, the smell of the sea coming up from the riverbed, vast goose greyed skies – wonderful things, tiny things, living things from the land, threads that will come together as part of An Open Field a work for 2014.

Next stop in November will be a windy walk along the coast of Great Yarmouth….