An Open Field

An Open Field is what happens when you walk and talk.

An Open Field  Fevered Sleep Luke Pell

Made from a series of unfolding landscapes, both real and virtual, An Open Field is a participatory walking project and online artwork, produced by Fevered Sleep and curated by associate artist Luke Pell.

 It’s cityscape and it’s buildings and it’s concrete. It’s the air and the light. Scrub and gorse and oak. Grey, sideways rain and the grey flat sea. Squirrels and sledges and sandwiches. A broken nose. It’s moorhen red, and ancient ash and great wide skies.

Created over the past year with people of all ages across the UK, An Open Field is what’s with us when we walk, what’s not quite forgotten and what’s lost and found. A contemplation of our connectedness to nature and our sense of wellbeing, the project reflects how deeply we know ourselves in relation to place.

A development of Fevered Sleep’s Above Me The Wide Blue Sky, An Open Field was inspired by the inaugural State of Nature report and made possible with support from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. It celebrates the unique and diverse habitats that make up the UK, and the people and other things who live in them.

 The online artwork will be live at from April 2014.