The Supper Room… full of words

On the 6th June Luke Pell and Greenwich Dance curated and hosted a Supper Room full of words, of letters, of some small dances. Of getting close and feeling far, in between, a candlelit room, of artists and alphabets, stars, storytellers, hauntings and giants.

An eccentric picnic. There was scoffing and cocktails and chatter. Quiet. Music and laughter. And, of course, there was dancing.

With work from Gareth Chambers, Wendy Houstoun, Tim Spooner, Cai Tomos and Dan Watson

Brand new for 2014, The Supper Room is the original name for the wonderful wood-panelled Minor Hall. Co-curated by a different artist each time, you will enter through the rarely seen box office and lobby, and experience an event which celebrates its former use and brings it right up to date.

Photographs Gemma Riggs