In Conversation

Images from Liz Atkin and Luke Pell’s new collaborative series ‘In Conversation’ arose from their meeting in February 2011.   A shared understanding of each other’s unique physical patterning and movement memory serves as a departure point from which to render visible, intimate acts of transformation. Working with abandoned everyday spaces and materials, Atkin and Pell surrender – through spontaneous improvisation – to their own embedded corporeal histories and those of the environments they encounter. 

The first two works within the series are Throat Pieces (performed by Pell) and They Come Not As Single Sparrows but in Battalions (performed by Atkin).  In witnessing these private performative happenings each photograph is considered synonymous with traumatic experience in its capacity to carry information that cannot be conceived in the moment out, into another time, place and context.

Liz Atkin is a visual artist based in London. With a background in theatre and dance, physicality underpins her creative practice. Skin is her primary source for corporeal art, both as metaphorical membrane and physical boundary. Her work centres on a multilayered exploration of skin questioning the limits of the body and the potentials for communication across and within the porous textures of light and surfaces.  This personal investigation explores body focused repetitive behaviour resulting in a sometimes violent rendering of the body in order to condense it to matter for resculpting.