E-Motional Bodies and Cities

At then end of May, I’m heading over to Dublin for the first phase of E-Motional Bodies and Cities artistic research with Mădălina DanFearghus Ó Conchúir, Arianna Maroulides and Olga Zitluhina

This artistic research is the flagship element of the E-MOTIONAL project. A series of 5 cross-border working periods organised alternatively in Dublin, Riga, Limassol, London and Bucharest to question the emotional body and its relation with these cities.

Two different artistic teams embark upon a co-authorship process to explore the relation between the human body, the urban and geo-political context and new technologies. Each artistic team is composed of five artists, one from each country, who may also come from different disciplines. The groups will have the chance to interact, work and benefit from the support of three local dancers or other associated artists. Each research period will also include a number of workshops and video-lectures open to local participants and artists, and will conclude with an informal presentation open to the local audience in the respective city.

The artistic researchers are accompanied by Cosmin Manolescu (choreographer & E-MOTIONAL project leader) who will act as a facilitator during these residences.

Updates as the project begins…